Thursday, February 19, 2009

the third blog

We are, all of us, increasingly talking to ourselves. And fewer and fewer people are overhearing the conversation.

I could cite numerous examples of blogs that I enjoy when I read them, but I seldom read them, and frequently find no point of entry at which I could start a conversation with them even when we share subject matter.

Part of it is as simple as methods of categorization (that being one reason I retain my unfashionable interest in Ludwig Wittgenstein, whose place in the social pecking order of multicultural Austria-Hungary led him to be unusually sensitive to cases of mutual incomprehension and missed social clues). A former editor of my acquaintance once established a number of new columns and then spent inordinate amounts of time trying to decide whether a given topic fitted into one column heading rather than another column heading.

I have tried (not always successfully) to keep Counterforces and Other Little Jokes an art blog (with a certain amount of specific Atlanta-centric content) and joculum an everything-else blog, but I find myself wanting to write a growing number of autobiographical notes that don’t spin off into thousand-word essays about the human condition, or if they do, they are too anchored to personal experience to count.

Any suggestions as to which host might be most useful for a hypothetical third blog that only the truly me-obsessed would read? (I suppose I could establish it as a very specific friends-only subsection on joculum, since LiveJournal allows for infinite subcategorization of subscribing readers…the problem being that they do have to have their own LJ usernames, which Rodger Cunningham, for example, doesn’t. But Rodger Cunningham—the other RC—wouldn’t be interested in this subsection, anyway.)

In the interim, I shall try to shoehorn the occasional recollections into larger topics. (Does anybody use shoehorns anymore? I don’t, but then I never liked them.)


Ben Grad said...

I would recommend moving your current joculum blog from livejournal to, and then using livejournal for your me-obsessed blogging.

(I set up a burnaway tumblr in 5 minutes:

littlejoke said...

No good; too many John Crowley fans who are only on LiveJournal. I got started via reading John Crowley's blog and needing my own LJ identity in order to post more conveniently. Everything since 2006 flowed from there.

Maybe I'll set up The Third Blog on tumblr.

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