Thursday, August 14, 2008

nobody reads this blog to speak of, but....

more evidence that Atlanta needs one go-to site for art info is that various people have spoken with some bewilderment about how Hushpuppy Gallery seemed to disappear without so much as a whisper.

Well, it turns out that Hushpuppy had an opening on July 19 that was not promoted on the Allison Rentz art calendar creation, on the artnews listserv, on the blogs of Cinque Hicks or Jonathan Bouknight or Jeremy Abernathy or any of those other folks who go to everything alternative and report what is cool that one must absolutely go to.

and today I found by dint of long searching the info that Hushpuppy had an opening on July 19th and who knows how long that show ran? Pine magazine ran a story about the gallery and its imminent closing but most of us thought it was long gone.

So what does it take to get galleries to TELL US THAT THEY EXIST?????? I got on their e-mail list and got nothing at all from them about this July 19 shindig.

Monday, August 4, 2008

and this is what some cities are managing to do....

Jacksonville, Florida has an amazingly comprehensive site with which to report on its visual art doings...comprehensive at least at first glance, with photos and video interviews and commentary upfront and easy to locate.

No Sooner Asked for Than Done; Done Already, Actually, Even Before I Asked

"In the Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor" at Laguna Art Museum is a survey of 150 artists and a first effort at a history, so in due course I suppose the multiple interactions I discussed in the Andy Howell post will find their way into art discourse. But damned slowly. Catalogue TK from the museum, according to their website.

The show was probably announced elsewhere in the issue of Juxtapoz that carried the Andy Howell interview.