Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hurrah for Whitney Stansell

Being as how nobody in this burg where I live ever gets around to reading the art magazines, I feel impelled to celebrate the appearance in the January issue of Art in America of Rebecca Dimling Cochran's review of Whitney Stansell's show at Tew Galleries, which show was writ up in this very blog back on July 12.

Nobody reads this blog either, but this way the name will show up on a Technorati search, if not a Google one.

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the hanged man said...

Jerry -

My apologies for hijacking the comments section of your post, but I didn't know another way to reach you.

I just wanted to thank you for the flattering things you wrote about my blog on your livejournal page. (http://joculum.livejournal.com/52521.html)

I don't often go back and read comments to my old posts and it was only by chance that I saw the link to your livejournal page. Thank you again for your kind words. Much appreciated.

Take care,
John Hanlon