Sunday, April 13, 2008

essay tk

I am pondering anew the issue of conflict of interest when one has been sent on a press trip from which one derived much in the way of insight and much information that ought to be shared with the planet at large. This all took place last August, so neither the Glenfiddich distillery, their artist in residence program coordinator, nor the parent company William Grant and Sons will feel too greatly excited and pleased if I finally give up and post my dubiously profound reflections on this web journal.

Romeo Alaeff, of whom I have written at least a little on my blog, is a genuinely extraordinary artist (in other words, I think his art and his biography fits into the transculturated perspective that constitutes counterforces). So I need to have another go at writing something systematic about him and finding a place to present it that is a larger forum than the counterforces web journal.

"tk" is old-school journalese for "to come," presumably with a "k" to make it easier to search and delete the term, though "tc" would work just fine for that purpose also if the searcher puts spaces before and after. (Otherwise the "replace" function will replace or delete every occurrence of the letters in the middle of words.)

I have several exploratory essays that involve the Glenfiddich story, actually. So you may get more than you ever wanted to know about the metaphoric possibilities of single-malt Scotch and international artist programs in the age of globalization.

Or, of course, you may not. But you have been warned.

There are remarkable tales left lazily untold; or perhaps I have just been waiting for all those editors from months-ago queries to tell me they are not interested, when in fact I know that in the artworld, silence equals not death but a polite "thank you, but no." though often it just means "thank you, but my inbox ate my homework."

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