Thursday, December 4, 2008

no joke: local places that could use our support, in Atlanta

Calavino Donati sends word that Calavino's in Oakhurst will close as of December 21 if people don't donate to her savemyrestaurant paypal account:

But I can't help but think that fans of Calavino at her old Roman Lily Cafe location, who have not found her new format quite as consistently compelling, can do something more creative than just give money. These events never raise quite enough, but can't we think of ways to add still more DIY fundraising events to the proximity of the holidays? I mean events that would split the proceeds with Calavino and that would provide a pre-holiday venue for people who are wishing they could sell some things that are more than odds and wouldn't replace the paypal donations but it may be a way for more people to donate and do good for themselves as well.

Or else we could just offer Calavino $20 per person to make a heumongous batch of her once world-famous banana bread dessert from the old days at Roman Lily.

On the financial apocalypse front, I am pleased that Atlanta Peach got in some plugs for some of my favorite artists before shutting down abruptly. And that Felicia Feaster signed on with The Atlantan, which now becomes the survivor of the luxury lifestyle magazine wars, and the go-to source for slick-paper accounts of the Atlanta art scene.


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troylloyd said...

goddamn, i just say an issue of The Atlantan, apropos "the arts & power ish" & i must saw after kneejerk nausea from glossy luxury, it's pretty tight.

i mean it does feature some art stuff & finally a write up about Brian Dettmer (by Felicia), i fell in love w/ his work when i first saw it, then discovered he had moved to ATL in 2006 from Chicago, i was curious why no ATL local action had floated his way, well apparently he's been really busy & ain't got no local dealer -- i also noticed he hadda rather large write up in the latest ish of britmag, modern painters, a nice spread.