Tuesday, February 3, 2009

jocularities, or Bosch and the crisis

I had been meaning to post to Counterforces (and still will do so, someday, I hope) at length regarding the concurrent collapse of American newspapers and the larger implications of Google Books' digitizing of the contents of the world's libraries, plus the relationship of both to the financial crisis that is depriving us of traditional methods of correlating information at the very moment when we most need to have information correlated, and action coordinated.

But since I haven't yet written that post (even if I have just written that very long sentence), I refer you to a related fragment on my other blog (joculum.livejournal.com), whereon I have also posted a review of Kurt Falk's problematic book The Unknown Hieronymus Bosch, which should be regarded critically in terms of its approach but which contains illustrations of Bosch's oeuvre that will delight many of the readers of Counterforces. Next question.

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