Monday, August 10, 2009

product placement and other less than amusing anecdotal incidents

It comes to me that a 21st century Karl Kraus is an updated version of, say, "Package Tours to Hell" would simply be regarded as a successful case of viral marketing.

Which reminds me that I am actually delighted that the new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys will contain commissioned work by a stellar list of contemporary artists. Fourteen names not typically associated with football stadiums, and I am still trying to make myself believe this is not some kind of conceptual intervention by one of those dynamic duos of artists who go in for that sort of thing. But it appears that Mel Bochner and Teresita Fern├índez and Franz Ackermann will in fact be doing what they do, which puts the Dallas Cowboys in a whole 'nother league—which was, I assume, the point.

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