Sunday, September 28, 2008

on being unready for one's closeup

I had overlooked the acclamation this blog received from Atlanta's Creative Loafing. (I always assume that Counterforces is mostly being read by people who wandered over from my other blog, where almost all of my non-art-related posts go and where the readership is mostly from other fields of interest, and almost none of whom are from Atlanta.)

Now I am going to have to start posting to Counterforces more regularly instead of explaining what I would write if I were writing here more regularly.

Fortunately, my post about Lisa Tuttle at Sandler Hudson was already being tweaked, and deleting a few probably excessive or ill-chosen pieces of phraseology will get the thing ready to be posted before the show comes down. (For the past half-lifetime, I have grumbled that the problem with art reviewing is that it is expected to work like art history but to do so within twenty-four to seventy-two hours.)

I was going to post some reflections on the 2008 book Visual Literacy on my other blog, where they would fit into larger considerations, but now I guess at the very least I have to cross-post them here. Once I write them.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, some of us "wander" all over the place in search of your writings.

Congratulations on the award.