Friday, November 14, 2008

slowly it all gets done is doing an increasingly good job of sorting things out for us in the Atlanta artworld. However, we need to discuss how to reach the art audiences not yet habituated to the internet, and how to connect all the galleries, including those that are not to our personal tastes, with the audiences that would find them to their personal tastes. (I tend to defend galleries that believe in an informed version of beauty and galleries that believe in a reasonably well-crafted version of confrontational conceptualism, and there are other ones that I would prefer to overlook entirely but that still need to receive the kind of coverage that no one is currently do we produce a single publication that will link together the most media-savvy and the merely art-interested, while educating all sides if they choose to delve deeply enough? something for future discussion.)


Emily Amy Gallery said...

I agree. I also think that many people are not trying to find ways to connect with art locally, even though the avenues exist. It is up to the media (digital and print) to inform and also up to the art-interested to seek out those publications/blogs and involve themselves.

Anonymous said...

i think you know that this is a loaded question.
It isnt about connectivity,being effectively informative,being more open in coverage & w/each other (and all in one place).
Is it about giving the people what they want? i think we are. i think people are aware and informed,enough for themselves anyways..
They just dont care.and somehow ironically,that includes,if not especially, artists.
"whats in it for them?"
people are being themselves- as the art environment somehow seems to fail at creating an environment for people to define who being themselves is - within.
It's like trying to make chicken creole without even having the roux.or maybe ordering a milkshake w/o the cup.
or...i know, it's like a city trying to brand itself.
i say
stop defending informed versions of beauty.enought of's a given. and to hey with the "reasonably well crafted" part as well. part of the spirit of this internet age is the You/My/ Reality of it. the "realness".So,in a sense, Forget Technique.ideas are what Matter. "relevant to now" in it.
Seek to cover the confrontational conceptualists more more More
...and,admit why there are places you would prefer to overlook entirely.that part is important.
this kind of immediacy,this kind of honesty,the doing it for yrself to the nth degree - creates passionate discussion.CHANGE. an interesting thing-hearing it from YOU would certainly wake some people up..and praps ultimately tie people together in ways we wouldn't expect.and bring attention we wouldnt expect.

then the online/unified publication thing would develop of its own natural course.

in tandem an idea of investing in ourselves,sensing ourselves-would grow. the expectations towards confrontational conceptual would anyways. that category has far deeper reaching roots than informed versions of beauty.

This would begin the "slowly it all gets done" path.

(for the fully prepared,if not inviting, to get my arse taught a lesson by you on this intent is to air out honest thoughts and ideas as they are in their form.i mean well.)