Monday, November 17, 2008

the total range and then some, part one. (part two a bit later)

It is impossible, as I have said, for one person to visit all the art events taking place in metro Atlanta without access to an independent income, a reliable car, and considerable stamina. But sometimes MARTA and the kindness of friends serves as a substitute.

This past week I visited Connexion Gallery and Design Studio (, which describes itself as "in the heart of Dunwoody, on Mount Vernon Road, across from Dunwoody Village," and also describes itself as providing "a canvas for artists of different regions and cultural backgrounds to address contemporary issues and create a dialogue." Its current, consciously cross-cultural exhibition includes owner Zamila Karimi's meditative Iraq War memorial ("paying homage to our heroes") using the four elements of earth, water, fire and air in different forms. (On opening night, the water in question included slowly melting sheets of ice, now existing only as digital documentation, that contained laser-cut lists of the names of fallen American soldiers).

Connexion's goals are admirable, and the greatest obstacle to its bridge-building among cultures may be the danger of falling in between metro Atlanta art audiences in its mix of experimental and traditional aesthetics. The venture is the project of a firm specializing in architectural, interior and exhibition design with an emphasis on sustainability.

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