Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anger. That's number seven.

I always forget about anger. That really pisses me off.

Another question that I forgot to list is "What can I put on the wall above this piece of furniture so that I will feel a sensation of muted happiness when I walk through the door in the evening or out the door in the morning?"

And now for something completely different:

Linda Mitchell's subtle evocations of childhood and more than childhood in her new works at Mason Murer probably answer a whole bunch of questions at the same time. At least, that's what I think. Having watched Mitchell's work evolve over many years, I feel like she's attaining new and consistent heights as a serious artist, and doing it with nursery-style animals that are far more than merely cute, combined with archetypal arches that remind us of why arches are archetypes. Part of the appeal is that the symbols don't quite add up, or the cutesiness is undermined by some grotesquerie that doesn't quite belong there:

But when you see the work under less than optimum conditions, you don't trust your own judgment. Go look, and tell me whether I am an idiot.

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