Friday, March 27, 2009

Mildred Thompson exhibition in Düren

The late African-American artist Mildred Thompson, well known to many readers of Counterforces, will be the subject of a retrospective survey exhibition, "Mildred Thompson, 'a life long exploration' 1936-2003," opening in Düren, Germany, on April 26, as a co-presentation of the Leopold Hoesch Museum and Schloß Burgau.

The exhibition, which runs through June 14, will be opened with a lecture by Donna Jackson, executor of Thompson's estate.

It will also feature a catalogue including an essay by the author of this weblog, who hopes to be able to get to Düren for the opening and is currently weighing options as to ways of making the trip feasible.

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Anonymous said...

Of course you should make your way to this show. And if you had just followed the simple car-encounter plan G. Harris and I had laid out for you, by now you would be well on your way to full recovery and countless riches & getting there would not be an issue.