Saturday, October 18, 2008

missing entirely too much too much of the time

There are at least half a dozen shows needing to be contextualized, from the meticulously Old-Masterish realism at Atlanta Art Gallery to the visions of the later 21st century at Whitespace, with fantastic realism in photography in between at Solomon Projects and photographs of urban (sur)reality at Barbara Archer.

Then there is the question of what people see when they look at Zhang Dali at Kiang and why they do not see it. Even providing translations is not the same as providing context. (I first wrote about this problem of international contexts in "Magicians of the Earth on a Stormy Monday" in the Artlanta catalogue in 1995, and the difficulty has not gone away since.)

And then there is the problem of having even a minimal life and pursuing one's own projects.

Maybe on Sunday...I hope the other blogs have already taken up the slack for most of the venues named above.

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