Friday, October 17, 2008

too few hours in the day...notes on newness

Eventually there will have to be some way of compensating people for their time and wear and tear on equipment (unless they use the public library's computers)...I am sure that all the Atlanta bloggers could spend the better part of an eight-hour day writing proper commentary on what's going on around the city.

Item: Gregor Turk's tenth-anniversary showing of the "Interstate 50" blank billboard series alongside new photos of walls where the painting over of graffiti has created inadvertent allusions to color field painting and, in one case, to Mark Rothko.

This show at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is accompanied by two elegant volumes from Shutterfly that constitute catalogues of the two series. They are elegant because Turk designed them, of course. The same principle applies to the lovely catalogue of the Swiss and American cut-paper pieces currently at the Papermaking Museum at Georgia Tech. Blurb manufactured that one, once again to the standards set by the designer who uploaded it.

The advance over where was in its pioneer days (i.e., three or four years ago) is marked and remarkable. We're in an era in which there is no excuse for putting out a shoddy publication if it's actually being purchased rather than given away.

There are a good many other things to discuss, probably better separated out in terms of posts.

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